• Date-Field for all media (ab910c0), closes #30833
  • TranslatableRichText implements JSONDataContainer interface (33f2bac)
  • geolocation input (be59017)
  • add street & housenumber to officeBoxAdresses for XZuFi & BUS (ee32556)
  • mark text as translatable (fcdf81d)


  • cms_url as fallback (e5c18e1)
  • RichTextTranslatableConverter internal link processing (9aedfb7)
  • remove debug (16eef15)
  • make sure that _locale is always a string (5569124)
  • dependency version (98e6c3b)
  • cookieUsageNotification: misused ‘translatable’ (08776d6)


  • update sitekit-php dependency (65294d0)
  • cleanup (6804fea)
  • update ies dependency (6acd94c)
  • update ies-dependency also in ies-module.build.toml (534dfb0)
  • bump sitekit-php to next snapshot (af48625)
  • update sitekit-php & sitekit-js dependecy (da1e2e0)
  • update sitekit-php & sitekit-js dependecy (7bd4136)
  • adjust toml ies-dependency to new schema (2596aec)
  • permit tinymce 7.x dependency versions (adab4b5)
  • set sitekit-php dependency to version 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT (3a90e77)