• scale side panels with the size of the monitor (68a18c6)
  • Möglichkeit zur Rechte-Prüfung anhand von Editor-Level (66d795c)


  • openObjects parameter pass parameter to actual user when using the maintenance user (a916bc6), closes #30998
  • Matomo API statistics in case of subdomain microsites (b78088f), closes #30363
  • ies-module type should be “MIXED” (bb653e8)
  • prevent clipping of text in select box (d530411)
  • typo in passwordMissmatchRules-message (f220476)
  • debug window: fixed xss vulnerabilities in article names (988b69c)


  • ies-module.build.toml build date should be +0 timezone for OffsetDate (0caf33c)
  • generate ies-module.build.toml in initialize phase (02d09a0)
  • add .gitlab-ci.yml (49ae150)
  • use semantic version format (f25b8b9)
  • update dependencies (8b81531)
  • allow installation on ies 3 (68b3de6)
  • update dependencies (200776b)
  • add jquery.resizableColumns to core-dependencies bundle (c903dbb)
  • remove usage of tabulator-tables entirely (daa9469)
  • update dependencies (0af3323)
  • bundle tabulator-tables (4bcef4b), closes #29252